AVEZE CASSIS 16° - 100 cl
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Aveze blackcurrant

100 cl


Since time immemorial, the finesse of blackcurrants and the bitterness of gentian have paired wonderfully to reveal the best of each of these plants. This is why Avèze created a blackcurrant liqueur to flavour its distinguished gentian liqueurs. Our blackcurrant liqueur is made from a blend of infused blackcurrants. It effuses highly distinctive hints of blackcurrant and on the palate develops a smooth texture with both robust and harmonious flavours.

Best served...

Nicely chilled, neat or with ice and mixed with Avèze gentian liqueur. May also be served in a traditional manner in a Kir with dry white wine.

Presentation suggestion/ Cocktail ideas

L'Avèze Cassis

Aveze blackcurrant

  • 5 cl of Aveze
  • 2 cl of blackcurrant liqueur
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