gentiane avèze 23% 100cl édition collector sérigraphiée
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Avèze 23° silkscreened collector’s edition

100 cl


Tasting this traditional Gentiane Avèze, means diving into the Volcanoes of Auvergne regional nature park. It means  dreaming of its green valleys in the morning dew, illuminated by the magnificent yellow gentian flowers.

It means understanding the work of the man extracting these wild roots by hand from these immaculate lands. Finally, enjoying it, means respecting the long maceration time it took to get to this fresh and bitter taste.

Avèze pays tribute to its land with this silkscreened collector’s edition.

Best served...

Gentiane Avèze 23° is best enjoyed very fresh to appreciate all its aromatic power.

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  • 4/5 of Avèze
  • 1/5 of Pastis
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