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New products in our aveze shop !

Our shop is located within the Avèze visitor centre in Riom-ès-Montagnes and continues the tradition of welcoming visitors to taste and buy our emblematic Cantal aperitifs.

In 2020, it was remodelled to promote new products from Avèze: AB certified organic Avèze, Avèze bitters with either orange or lemon flavour, Avèze’Roll, our base for a perfect Spritz Auvergnat, Avèze blackcurrant liqueur to make delicious Avèze’ Cassis and last but not least, the traditional Avèze gentian eau-de-vie.  
You will of course also find our leading and timeless gentian liqueurs: the classic Avèze 15°, the CGA gold-medalled Avèze 16° and the authentic Avèze 18° for our fine gentian connoisseurs …
Should you have an adventurous palate, we also propose a selection of products from various French terroirs allowing you to discover other regional flavours:

  • Cherry Rocher in Bourgoin Jallieu (Isère): Genepy, gin, vodka, whisky, absinthe, Arquebuse de l’Hermitage, Grande Dauphine, Guignolet Kirsch and lastly, the celebrated Cherry Rocher cherry liqueur which made this Dauphiné distillery famous.
  • Distillerie du Périgord in Sarlat (Dordogne): Lascaw whisky aged 15 years in oak barrels having contained our truffle flavoured speciality dish, Sarlanoix, culinary specialities, cannelés cakes made with Caribbean rum.
  • Grand Rubren in Barcelonnette (Alpes de Haute Provence): The p’tits sucres sugar lumps dipped in mint liqueur, limoncello, with strawberries – wild strawberries, genepy from the Alps or even pear brandy. For those with a sweet tooth, baba cakes are also featured with various flavours: baba with Caribbean rum (a true classic!), with limoncello and with genepy.
    Come and discover all these new products in our shop! We are always happy to welcome visitors and share the story of Avèze and the secrets of the Queen of the Mountains … gentian.